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Caminhada para a maravilhosa cachoeira El Tabernáculo
Looking for things to do in Santo Domingo? This is a hiking experience in Dominican Republic that you can't miss. Let's go to El Tabernáculo. It's a still rather virgin route in deep nature, my favorite in DR and you try the authentic Dominican cuisine. LGBTQ+ friendly experience! We depart at 6am from the meeting point. It's a 2-hour road trip full of breathtaking sights of the mountains to get to Los Cacaos town, where we are having a delicious typical dominican breakfast. After breakfast, we begin our journey to El Tabernáculo. It's a 3 to 4-hour route within hiking, swimming, climbing, etc. Swimming is mandatory (no need to know how to swim, you'll have a life vest). Water is cold (you'll get used to it after a while). The difficulty of this route is considered medium, it's a strenuous experience. It's not easy, completely doable, though. You must not have any injuries. You don't need to be an athlete, though. Want something shorter? Book this one: After hiking, we change clothes (there's no restroom, it’s by the car). We don't get on the car wet. Then we go back to the town to have a dominican lunch. We come back happy and with good memories to Santo Domingo at around 5pm. If you are in Bocha Chica or Juan Dolio, we can arrange an additional pick up (Boca Chica $70/Juan Dolio $80 round trip. Price for up to 6 people).
Oficina de chocolate do grão à barra
You will be making chocolates right from the cacao bean, also preparying and tasting various cacao or chocolate drinks. You'll leave with your own handmade chocolates, customized the way you like them, to enjoy with your friends and family. There are stairs to get in, so not handicap accesible without help. Our location is small so if some are not going to do the workshop we will try our best to make you feel comfortable. We are close to a big park filled with bars and also have two bars right here next to us to hang out. Children of all ages welcome!
Explore the emerald waters of Nizao River
Let’s know one of the most beautiful Rivers around San Cristobal Province full of natural pools and amazing panoramics views across the mountains, Rio Nizao Located in the community of Los Cacaos and small countryside. The adventure begins at 6am at the meeting point. It’s a two hour drive t where we are having our Dominican breakfast. After breakfast we start the hike, basically we are going to hike trough a river around 20 minutes to get the first natural pool, then adventure continues swimming in natural pools through a river with clear emerald waters. A perfect place to disconnect internet and conect with nature, swim and have fun and just enjoy the most fresh clear waters.(Don’t know how to swim, it doesn’t matter, life jackets are included). Time estimate for the hiking 3-4 hour, plain walk, the difficulty level of the route is medium. Its recommended to be in good physical condition and healthy. A certain level of resistance is required. At the end of the route, we are going to taste the flavors of local cuisine, a delicious typical lunch wait for us, made by the best hands in the area, accompanied by natural juice or water. The most popular dish: The Dominican Flag (Rice, Reed Beans & stew chiken) can be lightly modified (vegan cases). Finally, we would be coming back to Santo Domingo at around 5-6pm
Recorre la zona colonial en scooter eléctrico
Sumérgete en la aventura de conocer la Zona Colonial en patineta eléctrica, donde vivirás una experiencia diferente y amena. Estaremos realizando el recorrido mientras conduces la eco-amigable patineta, y tus ojos contemplan las calles y personas que conectan y dan vida a la zona. Incluyendo los centros históricos más destacados de la ciudad colonial, con una breve explicación de su historia que a los tiempos de Colon hara a tu mente remontar. Conocerás las casas coloniales, colmados, negocios, comerciales, monumentos como el Alcazar de Colon, calle El Conde, Parque Montesinos, Catedral Primada de America. Veras los parques más pintorescos y vivirás una hermosa experiencia.
Aventura fantástica em cachoeira escondida
Junte-se a nós para visitar esta bela cachoeira escondida na província mais verde de toda a República Dominicana, Monte Plata. Este é um monumento natural de 20 metros de altura localizado em Bayaguana, onde desfrutaremos do ar limpo, das vistas espetaculares e da grande fauna e flora que cercam esta maravilhosa cachoeira. Nos encontraremos às 8h no ponto de encontro, para sair para a cachoeira a 50 minutos de Santo Domingo, apreciando as paisagens que a estrada nos dá, enquanto tomamos café da manhã a bordo. No caminho, falaremos sobre a história da ilha, os belos lugares da República Dominicana e nos conheceremos melhor. Quando chegarmos à Cascata, Doña Ramona estará esperando por nós, que vai cozinhar o nosso tradicional almoço dominicano (al carbono), como costumava ser cozido nos anos 1900 em nossa ilha, uma refeição típica chamada "La bandera" (Arroz, feijão, carne e salada verde).) Uma vez pronto, vamos caminhar cerca de 15 minutos e ir para a selva para chegar à bela cachoeira escondida. É uma estrada íngreme, mas não é difícil de atravessar, (eu recomendo sapatos confortáveis para evitar cair) Vamos explorar a cachoeira, tirar fotos nela, desfrutar da água e da beleza da natureza por cerca de duas horas e meia e, em seguida, voltar ao ponto de partida para desfrutar do nosso almoço, conversar, descansar e retornar a Santo Domingo.
Trilha para a cachoeira Tabernáculo
Located in Arroyo Santa Cruz, near Aguacate Dam. A kind of natural canyon or cave with a waterfall in its center, the perfect refuge for an adventure. The adventure begins at 6am at the meeting point. It’s a two hour drive to the town where we are having a Dominican breakfast. After breakfast we start the hike, which is around 3-4 hours total. This is an excellent route full of natural pools, waterfalls and an amazing natural slide, where we will slide, climb with ropes and swim in those crystalline waters. Here we’ll have some incredible virgin sights, where we could capture the best moments in photographs. After that exciting experience we are going to have a wonderful lunch cooked by a Local Grandma, she prepare the most delicious Dominican Typical Dishes, Normally the popular Dominican Flag, White Rice, Red Beans And Stew Chicken accompanied with Juice, Salads, Coffee and More, (Can be modified in Vegetarian cases). Los Cacaos is a little farmer town, the growth their own food, and everything the use its organic, we are going to be in touch with great locals, this experience also help them improve their quality life. Finally we come back home at 3PM, arriving Santo Domingo at 5PM. An experience you will never forget. (Ask for a pickup service Door to Door)
Explore a caverna Três Olhos
One of the most amazing places in our Santo Domingo city is the 3 eyes Caves National Park. Discover with me the nature of the beautiful micro rainforest, the history of the aboriginal people that once used the caves, take a ride in the man pulled raft to discover the hidden 4th lake. Other things to note Please be at the meeting point 10 m before starting time; the tour departs on the appointed hour. If you are interested in scheduling a date not in the calendar, please inquire about availability.
Ven y conoce las aguas Turquesas de san cristobal
Si te apasionan las fotografía y los destinos cristalinos pues vallamos a conocer las aguas Turquesas de Muchas agua en la provincia de San Cristobal. Después de salir de nuestro lugar de encuentro estaremos conduciendo aproximadamente 1 hora 15 minutos para llegar al destino donde desayunaremos en dicha comunidad. después caminaremos por las arenas del Río unos 35 min y empezaremos a disfrutar de esas aguas cristalinas. Haremos fotografía y videos especiales a cada uno de Los participante. Para llegar a estos charcos caminaremos en caminos donde las piedras son obstáculos pero aun así es muy cómodo llegar a nuestro destino principal. Al llegar a la meta nos llevaran nuestros almuerzos al rio y comeremos al aire libre un almuerzo delicioso. Después retornamos donde estará el bus y así volvemos al destino que empezó la Aventura que seria el punto de encuentro.
Cultura dominicana ao redor do fogão
We will walk throught the "Sendero del Eden" where we will see fruit trees, a beautifull cave named "La Cueva del Eden", here we will go into the Cave and observe the stalactites and stalagmites. Then we will visit our Fogón where we will grind cocoa, make casava like our ancestors and roast coffee. After that... We will take you to cave brujuela so you can swim under ground , a space with 15 meters below, with natural water, while you wait for the food to be prepared in the fogon. At the end we will have a surprise for everyone!!! To enjoy!!! Other things to note We will be outdoors, the caves are rocky so we must have safe closed shoes, sunscreen and repellent, we will use stairs, and we will have access to parking, bathroom and shower.
Sandboard nas dunas, lagoas de sal e praia
Ready to explore the Dominican desert and its sand dunes? We depart at 6:00am, take a 1.5-hour road trip to Salinas. Our first stop is the salt ponds. Ancient ponds that produce salt since Christopher Columbus times, and it's still working. Here we'll see the pink lakes (part of the salt process), the salt workers and maybe the train taking out salt. In this place, scenes of the movie 'xXx: The Return of Xander Cage' with Vin Diesel were filmed After the ponds we go for a Dominican breakfast. After that, we visit the sand dunes and spend some time learning about them, taking pictures, and of course, standing or seating sandboarding. I'm not a certified instructor, we're just having fun. No experience required Then we go to playa Salinas. We walk a few meters from the car to a dark-sand beach and stay there chilling until we get hungry There's one extra option (no cost) if you're still energetic: playa El Derrumbao. We walk around 15 minutes 1-way under the hot sun, walk into the beach with urchins and grab the gogles to watch the corals and fish underwater. It's beautiful! Then, we change clothes by the car. There's no dressing room, just by the car; we don't get into the car wet. Once changed and dry, we go back to the same restaurant for some dominican lunch. After lunch, we return to Santo Domingo happy and tired at around 4p
Imersão no bairro dominicano com moradores locais
Los viajeros consiguen conectar con la esencia de República Dominicana, ganar una mayor empatía con otras personas, experimentar la real vida de Santo Domingo y aprender de su cultura en una realidad frecuentemente muy desconocida por la mayor parte de las personas que viajan al país. Actividades: -Compartir en una casa dominicana anfitriona. -Conocer cómo trabajan algunos artesanos en la comunidad. -Tomar el café de toda la vida recién colado -Entrar en los colmados (tiendas típicas) más representativos del barrio -Participar en la vida local como jugar dominó o entrar en la barbería. -Conocer diferentes vistas del barrio con una perspectiva diferente. -Descubrir manantiales donde los locales de bañan (pueden bañarse también). -Subir al teleférico donde la comunidad nos relatará la historia de los barrios. -Cruzar el río Ozama con bote. La comida tendrá lugar en la casa anfitriona. Regreso al mismo punto de encuentro. Una vez completado el itinerario, el viajero tendrá una perfecta inmersión de la vida dominicana. Este tour es totalmente seguro gracias a la relación con los líderes comunitarios y tenemos experiencia con el barrio en trabajos sociales, pero como en todos los lugares, se recomienda no llevar a la vista artículos de lujo o llamativos. No hay problema con cámaras y móviles.
Conheça a história escondida — um passeio "descolonial"
En este tour conectaremos con la historia no contada de las personas africanas esclavizadas en la isla La Española. Exploremos sitios de importancia histórica que no son resaltados en los tours tradicionales de Santo Domingo. Ofrecemos una experiencia educativa inmersiva para repensar el relato histórico de la colonización, enfocando los procesos de resistencia de nuestros antepasados negros. Visitaremos varios puntos de la Zona Colonial, empezando en la Plaza España y terminando en el Parque Independencia. El tour tiene una duración de 2 a 2.5 horas y también está disponible en Inglés y Francés. Adecuado para toda la familia, individuos y grupos de hasta 10 personas. El uso de mascarilla es obligatorio. El tour no es apto para personas con movilidad reducida. Esta experiencia te acercará a las raíces afro de República Dominicana a través del conocimiento de la vida de aquellas personas africanas que fueron arrancadas de sus territorios y traídas a esta isla para ser explotadas y reducidas a la esclavitud. Nuestros ancestros africanos sobrevivieron y nos dejaron un maravilloso legado que vivimos y disfrutamos todos los días. Este tour es para todos aquellos que quieran conocer más sobre su historia. Te invitamos a descubrir la historia de resistencia y liberación de nuestros ancestros africanos!
Degustaciones callejeras
Vamos a caminar por la zona donde se encuentran todas los tipos de comida chatarra en la ciudad y probaremos cada una de las que les llame la atención y degustar todo loq ue deseen junto a un equipo de expertos
Caminhada pelo rio mais legal da República Dominicana
Let's hike into the coolest and most beautiful river in the DR! LGBTQ+ Friendly experience A set of natural swimming holes throughout the Nizao river, filled with crystal clear green water. Surrounded by rocks that make it look great. This route changes everytime time the dam is released. So while some swimming holes desapear, other appear. It's located in Los Cacaos, a little town at 2 hours from Santo Domingo. We meet at 6:00am at the meeting point. At around 8:00am, and after enjoying the sights of the way, we arrive to the town and have a typical dominican breakfast. Then we begin the journey to Los Charcos de Nizao. It's a 3 hour journey within hiking, swimming, enjoying, etc. (Time may vary). Take your camera cause you'll want to capture the majesty of the place. The farther you walk, the more beautiful it becomes. Difficulty level is moderate. It's a long route, though. Mustn't have any injuries in your legs/feet and be ready to walk and swim. Swimming is mandatory and there's a lot of sun. You don't need to know how to swim, though; because you'll be provided with a life jacket. After the journey we change our clothes (in the nature, no dressing room, no restroom) and go to have lunch in the same place. Then we go back to Santo Domingo very happy Estimated arrival is 5-6pm Additional pick up service for Boca Chica $50/Juan Dolio $60. Contact me before booking
Experiência de dança em Santo Domingo
Get ready to put your dance on! If you are interested in getting closer to the Dominican culture, this adventure is definitely something for you! The dominicans love dancing, love music and they don't miss the chance to take a break, drink a beer and dance. So this is what we are going to do! We are here to introduce you to the most famous dances of Dominican republic which are merengue, bachata and salsa. Together we will learn how to move our bodies into these tropical rythms. We adapt the classes to your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) so everyone is welcome! The experience will start at our dance school, muevete studio. We will enjoy one hour of dance lesson and a lot of fun. During the class we will offer you soft drinks, water and the traditional dominican beer. After the classes we will visit a small bar close to the dance school (7 minutes walking distance) to put everything in practice, meet the locals and live like dominicans. We will spend there one more hour enjoying more drinks, more music and of course more dance.