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Highlights of the Gaviota Coast

Highlights of the Gaviota Coast

Duration:Total de 5 horas
Includes:Comida e Bebidas
Languages:Oferecida em Inglês
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Sobre o seu anfitrião

Kevin grew up in Santa Barbara and can't wait to share his beautiful city with you. He is an international adventurer, author, photographer, and the founder of the 7Trails Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged communities discover the joys and challenges of backcountry adventure. He is the author of "Hike The World: The Guide to the Planet's Best Trails" and has spent…

Sobre 7Trails Foundation

The 7Trails Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fostering increased environmental awareness and promoting personal growth by taking underprivileged individuals on wilderness adventures.
Esta é uma experiência de impacto social onde 100% do que você paga por ela vai para 7Trails Foundation. .

O que faremos

Get more out of your time in Santa Barbara with this half-day exploration of the stunning Gaviota Coast! Meet at the Santa Barbara Mission and then drive 45 minutes north past crashing waves, the rolling foothills of the Santa Ynez mountains, and even the remnants of a WWII-era POW camp. Upon reaching Gaviota State Park, embark on a 6-mile hike through coastal chaparral and scrub oak woodlands,…

O que mais deve saber

Check-in at 1:15. We will depart at 1:30 Hike difficulty can be customized to suit. Additional hike times beyond those listed are available; please contact to arrange an alternate start time.

O que está incluído

Healthy Snacks Please provide notice of any dietary restrictions.
Water plus choice of a local wine vintage or a non-alcoholic refreshment.

O que levar

Appropriate footwear (running shoes, hiking boots, cross-trainers, etc.)
Sun protection (as necessary - sunscreen, hat, long-sleeve shirt, etc.)
Windproof Jacket
Camera (if desired)
Swim Apparel (if desired)
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