caminhada pela natureza

Great discoveries in beautiful green

Great discoveries in beautiful green

Duration:Total de 3 horas
Includes:Comida e Bebidas
Languages:Oferecida em Inglês e Japonês

Sobre o seu anfitrião

I am an expert to guide people using English in Japan's enjoyable places. I was fascinated by Miyazaki's rich nature and warm relationships, I quit the global corporate auditor, left Tokyo where I was born and raised, and moved to Miyazaki with my family. Currently, I manage a hot spring INN and also operate local guided tours. I would like to convey the goodness of Nichinan City to people all…

O que faremos

I will guide Inohae Valley in Miyazaki, Japan! Inohae Valley has beautiful green and waterfalls and is also known as the treasure nature of valuable moss. About 250 or more of the 1,800 kinds of moss are in the valley area. You can enjoy micro moss world with micro scope! We deliver an English lecture on mosses with Japanese culture. Because the purpose of the guide is to promote Japanese culture…

O que mais deve saber

1.Please prepare your car. Don' t worry. If you could not do it, we provide free transportation. 2.You can change the time schedule, so please feel free to contact me.

O que está incluído

Snacks unique to Japan
Refreshing drink

O que levar

Shoes to walk on dart
moveable clothing
Cap or Hat
Feelings of respecting and enjoying nature
caminhada pela natureza
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