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    Henderson, NV

    It’s important for you to understand your local laws if you want to become an Airbnb host. We provide a platform and marketplace, but we don’t provide legal advice. Even so, we want to share some information to help you understand laws and other rules that relate to short-term rentals in the City of Henderson, NV. The information in this article isn’t exhaustive, but it should help you start your research on local laws. If you have questions, you can check the City of Henderson short-term rental licensing page. Any additional questions can be directed to Community Development and Services – Current Planning at (702)-267-1500 or via email.

    Building and housing standards

    Short-term rentals must comply with the residential property requirements of the Henderson Municipal Code, including but not limited to Chapter 5.17 (Solid Waste Management), Chapter 8.84 (Noise Control), and Section 19.7.8.G (Development and Design Standards, Noise). Property owners have to include trash/recycling containers, trash services collection schedule, and instructions for proper trash disposal within the rental rules provided to renters.

    License requirements

    You will need a license to offer a short-term rental to guests in Henderson. Check out the Henderson short-term rentals page for more information. License registration per property is $820 and is done on an annual basis.

    Short-term rental licenses

    In July 2019, the City of Henderson adopted ordinances for short term rentals, which become effective on October 14, 2019.

    Operational requirements

    Henderson requires short-term rental hosts to follow a number of operational requirements. Check out the Henderson short-term rentals page for more information.

    Zoning restrictions

    Henderson has in place certain zoning restrictions for the number of short-term rentals within a multi-unit dwelling structure or mixed use development.


    If you are operating a short term rental, Henderson requires you to conduct a self-inspection utilizing the City’s short-term rental checklist (you will provide the City a signed copy of the completed checklist as part of the registration process). Check out the short-term rentals page for more information.


    All operators of short-term rentals must make payment of applicable room taxes and maintain rental records in accordance with Henderson Municipal Code Chapter 4.48.

    Other contracts and rules

    As a host, you need to understand and abide by other contracts or rules that bind you, including leases, co-op rules, HOA rules, or other rules established by tenant organizations. You should be able to find out more by contacting your housing authority (such as a community council) or landlord. Your lease (or other contract) might also have specific details.

    The ordinance requires applicants for a city registration to certify in writing that operation of a short-term vacation rental would not violate any CC&Rs, bylaws, or other agreements governing the use of their property prior to obtaining a registration.

    Our commitment to your community

    We are committed to working with local officials to clarify how local rules impact the short-term rental community. We will continue to advocate for changes that will enable people to rent out their homes.

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