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    Dicas de segurança para interagir com outras pessoas

    Travel is a great way to put yourself out there and chart some new territory in life. To help ensure you have a good experience, you may want to consider these safety tips when interacting with Hosts and guests.

    Get to know people ahead of time

    There are many ways to learn about your Host or guest before your trip or experience begins, as early as confirmation phase:

    • Read reviews from other users
    • Check that their identity and other account information has been verified or confirmed
    • Message through your Airbnb inbox, which keeps your email address hidden for privacy and security
    • Set and pay attention to the listing’s house rules
    • If you’re a Host, you may require a profile photo to book your listings

    Protect your finances

    • Complete all payments only using Airbnb’s secure payments platform
    • Keep financial information private and secure—this includes your social security or other tax ID number, date of birth, credit card and bank account information, and government-issued IDs

    Be careful what you share

    Be cautious when sharing personal information, like your email address, phone number, home address, place of work, etc. It’s best to use your Airbnb inbox to communicate with others and set your notifications to be alerted about new messages, reminders, and more.

    Keep a clear head and stay connected

    • Doing things that impair your judgment may put you at risk
    • You might consider letting friends and family know about your travel or hosting plans
    • It’s helpful to know the contact information for emergency responders around your stay

    Do your own research

    Consider doing a web search and checking public government databases, such as US federal or state sex offender registries, for the name(s) of anyone you’re interacting with offline.

    Report Terms of Service violations

    Help keep our community safe by reporting any users who violate our Terms of Service to us. Examples include:

    • Users who ask you to send them money outside the Airbnb payments platform
    • Users who send you harassing or offensive messages
    • Users who behave inappropriately online or while staying at a listing
    • Fraudulent registration, user profiles, or listings
    • Users who otherwise create a safety risk
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