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Atividades com classificações excelentes

Faça um passeio subterrâneo e conheça as masmorras no Coliseu
Connect with ancient Rome on this special access tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Cesar's Palace. During the visit we'll uncover the Colosseum's bloody 2,000 year history and gain restricted access to sites only accessible with accredited guides. You'll walk in the same steps as gladiators and doomed prisoners on the arena floor, which is off limits to the general admission. The arena floor gives you the perspective of the ancient fighters and also an excellent view into the Colosseum's dungeons, where imported animals and gladiators were kept before their slaughter. Next, we'll venture into the dungeons, a labyrinth of passages, elevators, and trap doors which were used to bring people and animals up to the arena floor, to shock and thrill the crowds. You'll also have free time to explore the Colosseum's 1st and 2nd levels before we head to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. In the Forum, we'll visit pagan temples and tombs, the house of the Vestal Virgins, the Senate house, and Julius Cesare's tomb, among other important ancient ruins. NOTE: - Due to very limited availability It's difficult to accept bookings close to tour date - You must provide me the full names of each guest coming with you immediately after making your booking and bring matching ID - You must comply with current Italian regulations regarding COVID restrictions to participate on the tour
Experiência exclusiva no Coliseu
This experience will begin by entering the Colosseum. Here we will bring to life this historic stadium by explaining the bloodthirsty fights and executions that happened for almost 500 years. It is our job here to make you feel like you've gone back in time and the stadium is back alive! After the Colosseum, we will begin the second part of the experience. We will walk up the Palatine Hill, the exact area where Rome was founded in 753BC. At the top of the Hill we will explore the Imperial Palace, walking through the astounding ruins which once homed Rome’s most iconic Emperor’s. Then we will walk to one of the most remarkable balconies in Rome, overlooking the Roman Forum. Prepare to amaze and indulge you in the real soul of Rome! All of my bespoke experiences have been carefully thought our in order to ensure you go home with a smile on your face, but most of all, with my infectious love for the eternal city! Click on my photo to see all the experiences I offer in Rome, such as the Vatican! Other things to note Make sure to wear comfortable shoes! There is a lot of walking involved in this tour: walking on cobble stones, up steep stairs and up the Palatine Hill! This tour may contain 15 people maximum. PLEASE NOTE: On the first Sunday of the month, the Colosseum is free to enter. We therefore run discounted experiences at 08:30am only.
Experiência exclusiva no Vaticano
Enrich your Vatican experience by joining this personal, semi-private tour where we can delve into the fabulous art and history that surrounds the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica. We’ll begin at the Vatican Museum, a labyrinthine complex featuring over 1000 rooms that cover four millennia. Those visiting unguided often find themselves dazzled by the work on display here – which can make it somewhat difficult to navigate. But we have curated a route through the museum that packs in all the best bits – without leaving you lost for hours in its maze-like corridors. Our next stop is the world-famous Sistine Chapel, best-known for its sprawling ceiling art painted by Michelangelo. This seminal work is said to have changed the course of Western Art – which may sound a tad dramatic, but trust me: when you see it, you’ll believe it. The rules dictate silence upon entry to the chapel, which isn’t usually a problem – it’s sheer beauty leaves most speechless. Throughout the experience you will have a head-set to ensure you can hear your host clearly. Other things to note Please cover your shoulders and knees!
Roma oculta e ossuários
With over 12 years guiding experience under my belt, I will take you off the beaten path and bring ancient Roman society to life, telling the stories behind the art and architecture. Showing you the masterpieces that you absolutely have to see before you leave Rome. We will visit the Capuchin Crypts. Six Crypts decorated with the Bones of almost 4000 monks. Altars and symbols of Christianity made from human remains . Learn the intricacies of religious burial rights as we try to grasp that universal question. Next we are off the to the Basilica of S. Clemente - a 12th century Basilica built on top of a 4th century Basilica, built on top of a 2nd century Temple of Mythros, On top of a 1st century Roman Apartment block. Starting with the 12th century Basilica we will learn about the amazing byzantine art and mosaics. Continuing down to the 4th century Basilica where you will discover the early formation of the Christian Church and admire the frescoes and symbols within. Moving down to a 2nd century Mithra temple and see a 1st century fountain that has been running for over 2000 years. Tickets not included please see notes Other things to note Tickets are not included they will be purchased on site San Clement Basilica 10 € (children under 16 free) Capuchin Crypt €10 Average travel cost €2 per person
Tour em grupo pelos museus do Vaticano e a Capela Sistina
Discover, in a truly SMALL GROUP of max 13 people, lead by a qualified tour guide, the wonders of the most unique museum in the world, where Art and History meet. ✰✰✰ IMPORTANT ✰✰✰ The small group tours are ONLY in English. Please feel free to contact me if you need information about tours in French, Spanish, Italian or German. We have pre-booked tickets (that we reserve in advance) with a timed entrance, it means that we can get into the museums from the main gate at the time indicated. You'll meet your expert guide and follow the introduction about the Sistine Chapel (where talking is not permitted). This insightful description will make Renaissance come alive, it will represent the necessary background to enjoy the beauty of Michelangelo's work. Thanks to the intimacy of a small group, you will have the possibility of asking questions to your friendly guide and more useful recommendations about your stay in Rome. This is what you will visit: - Pinecone courtyard - Pius-Clementine Museum - gallery of Candelabras - gallery of Tapestries - Gallery of Maps - Rooms of Raphael - Sistine Chapel

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Curta uma aula especial de pizza e um passeio em uma vinícola
We will discover the art of cooking Roman Pizza and we will have a Wine Tour in a unique context, my family' 17th century wine farmhouse, immersed in Frascati's vineyards (only 24 minutes train ride from Rome!). Here at the farmhouse, breads and pizzas used to be cooked for local farmers and lots of wines were produced. Today my family cultivates a family-run vineyard, to produce boutique wines and extra virgin olive oil, and serve local specialties in the tasting room. We will meet in Frascati station and we will then accompany you to my family farmhouse to discover panoramic scenarios and visiting the old cellar with a guided Wine tour of the vineyard and old cellar! We will meet our experienced Pizza Maestro, to make you discover the art of cooking the roman Pizza from scratch, The class will happen either at the farmhouse or at the former family tavern in town after the wine tasting experience. We will cook the Pizza by using various traditional toppings! And you will learn the best tips to prepare your own pizza at home. We will also provide you with our detailed Maestro's pizza recipe! We will finally enjoy a nice lunch with wines and musical surprise! Instagram @minardiwinery
Molto più di una semplice cooking class
We are a funny and unique roman family, all born and raised in Rome and if you want to try what the roman traditions (culinary and otherwise) really are, you have to knock at our door. We will meet in a our wonderful house situated at the top of Gianicolo Hill, a historic and central place and you will be greeted with wine and appetizer funny stories and new friends. During our cooking class of traditional roman food we will tell you a lot of stories about culinary methods and customs, passed down through generations. We will start by preparing the Tiramisù, followed by creating pasta from scratch using eggs and water , finally, preparing two different types of sauces. You will have the opportunity to join all together the food that we prepared drinking complimentary wine. Later you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of the Eternal City a short distance from our doorstep. We delight in welcoming you to dine as an authentic Roman with homemade food, entertainment and laughs! Other things to note: we have a very nice little dog, children under 12 years old are not allowed (we offer a great cooking class for families just contact us).This experience is great for team building and private groups We can offer this class to a larger number of guests so please contact us and we will be happy to accomodate you
Trufas - caçada e degustação
We'll have a day trip through the woods north of Rome, hunting truffles with the help of trained dogs, we will pass through areas rich in history of outstanding natural beauty. After the trip we will go to have lunch at my house, we will learn how to cook truffles dishes and we'll eat them for lunch with a very good wine. I will cook for you many different courses, all with fresh truffles! You will can taste many different combinations with fresh truffles! Other things to note We have two locations to do the tour, both easy to reach and close to Rome, it is possible to change location even a few days before the tour. This experience is also perfect for teams and team-building.
Laboratório profissional de massas caseiras
You will learn how to make many types of homemade pasta in a real laboratory of pasta, reviewed among the "best 10 pastificio in Rome" . In a maximum 10 people class, we will start with handmade pasta, made with different kind of flours: like ancient grain Triticum Monococcum, Grano Saraceno (buckwheat) and wholemeal flour. We will do thin sheets dough, explanation of safe food cutting procedures, realization of three types of ravioli, tortellini, fettuccine with two tipical italian sauces. The experience includes a delicious tasting of local cheese or homemade prosciutto hand cut. We can also accomodate GLUTEN allergy guests for a very tasty fresh pasta and VEGAN guests for pasta without eggs. We will cook all pasta and the sauces made during the class, eating our differents kind of pasta done, sipping good italian wine. An express tiramisu preparation will follow as a dessert. Moreover, to all the participants will be offered complimentary, the exclusive Professional Chef Hat with logo of "Pastificio Faini" and also the apron with logo. In additional to the regular program, everyday of the week a different version will be presented: Monday and Saturday Carbonara sauce; Tuesday-Friday CacioPepe sauce; Wednesday amatriciana, Thursday gnocchi! A membership registration is requested to make the class. (no extra cost is due) We can accomodate gluten free allergy
Aula de massas artesanais no Panteão
I will teach you how to make the real Italian pasta from scratch. We will make two classic traditional pastas: ravioli and fettuccine. In addition to making homemade pasta we will prepare different sousec sauces: Tomato and basil, Amatriciana, Gricia, Butter and sage. I live in a 17° century building 50 meters close to Piazza Campo dei Fiori. I'll wait for you there, in one of the most ancient square of Rome to tell you welcome to this traditional experience. We'll taste an Italian coffe to break the ice and talk about roman cuisine, then I'll show you ingredients we'll need. Then the cooking class can begin! When we are finished we will cook, eat, and savour our pasta together. Other things to note We don't have a gluten free option, sorry. Please tell me for any food allergies or intolerance. Vegetarians are welcome!

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Visite Roma num Mini Cabriolet vintage
Every tour perfectly sanitized. The tour lasts about 2 hours ...I meet you everywhere you want and I leave you everywhere you prefer . First up, all the most famous places in Rome such as Colosseum, San Pietro, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, and then I will bring you to see Rome from 2 of the small mountains where the city was born in ancient times with unforgettable view.. the name is Gianicolo and Monte Aventino. During the journey, you can stop taking pictures as often as you wish. At the end of the tour I will take you to have a drink in a place where there will be only cool Romans. I will be happy to give all friends a beautiful hats that together with the aperitif is included in the price. Also I can do The Aperitif Tour & Ancient Tour - Winery Tour - Sunset on the beach & Ancient Tour of Rome By night -Ancient Tour Rome By Night and a lots of tipe of the tour ..... Other things to note The tour is maximum 6 people by 2 Mini Vintage Cabriolet
Os locais mais belos da costa
Please fully read the description. I want to show you not the usual spots like Mondello, but very beautiful places I love. 3 amazing spots: 2 seaside bays and 1 river spot. We'll move along the North coast close to the town of Terrasini, snorkeling, relaxing and discovering the Mediterranean environment. The spots are rather ROCKY with a very clean blue and turquoise water. To finish the day we'll go to explore some natural hot springs along a river, relaxing in the warm water. This tour will be the best way to discover and enjoy the Sicily's seaside. It's up to the host (and conditions) to start the tour visiting a nice sandy beach. Lunch is around 1.30 p.m. with the possibility to eat traditional pasta with fresh fish, street food or ice cream (lunch not included). The time schedule is very elastic, according to needs and expectations, but it's also a RESPONSABILITY of each guest to be able to visit all the spots planned. In each spot WE'LL WALK to reach the spot and to return back at the car. IF YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT TO WALK ON ROCKY PATH, WITH SLIPPERY/EXPOSED/STEEP PASSAGES, DOING STAIRS, STEPS, UNDER THE SUN, OR IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC INJURIES (knee, etc) OR FEARS (dizziness) PLEASE, DON' T BOOK or check out the videos about the spot in the page at the following link,
Prepare uma refeição de 5 pratos com chef
We will cook the traditional dishes of Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio together. Vegetarians or vegans can be accommodated. Our courses will be rich in flavor and taste and are very genuine, mostly using produce and herbs harvested from the garden. Lessons will be based on authentic cuisine taught to us by our moms and grandmothers. The recipes will be seasonal, because this area offers excellent culinary products. To start, I'll present the raw ingredients that we will use. We will start with a nice welcome snack or breakfast Rosso Montepulciano house wine, coffee, water included in the price. Then I'll show you different techniques for hand-making noodles, pies, dumplings, stuffed pasta, and pizza. You'll learn techniques for sauces, roasting, and different types of cooking. Then we'll all sit together at a table and celebrate our preparations with a wonderful five-course dinner immersed in nature. Other things to note We organize transfers.
Tour de barco pela Costa Amalfitana e Positano
Our experience will start from Sorrento Port, make yourself confortable with a fresh drink, we are ready!!! Crossing the Sorrento gulf you ll see the ''Regina Giovanna'', an ancient roman s house built on the rock, the ''Saraceno''tower, the little village of Sammontano, the Lobra s marine untill the ''Campanella'' cape, the last piece of Sorrento coast... at this point we ll be arrived on the other side, the Amalfi coast.... sailing with the sun on front we ll reach the '' Li Galli '' islands, a magical hotspot in the middle of the sea,the perfect place for a fresh swim. After this stop, i ll take you to the city of Amalfi, you ll have one hour and half to visit this ancient ''Maritime Republic'' and its baroque cathedral. On the way back we ll coast until Positano city, you ll admire breathtaking landscapes, the ''Furore'' fjord, Praiano. You ll have an other one hour and half of free time to walk among the narrow streets of Positano and the beach of ''Fornillo''. We ll cross Nerano untill the ''Mortelle'' beach to snorkeling in cristalline water... coming back to Sorrento with a red sunset you ll fall in love of my coast... jump on board !!! Other things to note The best way to experience the Amalfi coast and its magical sea
BachYard: um concerto na vinícola.
My guests will enjoy one of the best views of the hillside in Cinque Terre, enjoy local specialties and listen to my Bach played live on the piano. The focus of this year, 2022, will be J. S. Bach's Goldberg Variations and Six Partitas. I will welcome my guests into my property, inside the Cinque Terre National Park, where they will visit a young vineyard, learn about the building techniques of the old dry stone walls that are peculiar to this area and hear some historical background of what makes our area so unique. Afterwards, they will enjoy a full dinner, a selection of wines and my homemade lemon liqueurs while enjoying classical piano music played live. I will only be able to transport a maximum of 6 guests per session in my vehicle but will help organise transportation for any extra guests who may be interested. The whole event will take place outdoors, on my terrace above the vines. If the weather does not allow for an enjoyable outdoor setting the event will be cancelled and our guests entirely reimbursed. For updates, check out our website: Bring along your camera, drinking water and an umbrella/blanket according to the weather. During these strange times you are also, unfortunately, required to bring a face mask.

Todas as atividades próximas de Itália

Sessão de fotos com afeto em Roma
Você está procurando um fotógrafo particular? Eu conheço Roma muito bem e é bom tirar fotos incríveis com memórias de Roma. Minha cada sessão de fotos é privada e começa a partir das 7h para evitar a multidão. Você pode dar uma olhada no meu portfólio no Instagram - emgarro e entrar em contato comigo. Nesta experiência, estou ajudando as pessoas a posar e a se sentirem confiantes. Eu adoraria conhecê-lo em alguns locais exclusivos e criar fotografias modernas, criativas e autênticas para você. Eu sugiro que você fotos ilimitadas durante nosso período de sessão de fotos de 1,5 horas, e depois você deve escolher 10 de suas fotos favoritas para edição. Estou enviando todas as fotos originais durante um dia e as editadas durante 5 dias. Se você quiser mais fotos editadas, pode pagar a mais. Esteja preparado para ser ativo, suar e definitivamente ficar alerta enquanto se diverte com as crianças. Também posso organizar grupos privados que podem ajudá-lo a se sentir mais confiante durante o horário de trabalho. Junte-se a mim para ter um bom dia e lembranças inesquecíveis, pois em cada foto existe um momento valioso.
Passeio gastronômico por Trastevere e Campo de Fiori
We’ll make you feel like a true Roman starting with a local selection of cold cuts and cheeses (morning) or, a special plate of fried cod (evening), always accompanied by some anecdotes and a glass of wine! To reach the following gastronomic spots we'll discover the city and its highlights walking into the narrow streets of the historical centre: Farnese square with its twin fountains, Campo de Fiori famous for its impressive market; Piazza Trilussa just after the pedestrian bridge and Santa Maria in Trastevere, the very core of this area. We’ll have the chance to eat two homemade pasta at a traditional osteria: The Amatriciana & Cacio e Pepe Now it’s time to try a street food icon such as Supplì and than visit the“King of Porchetta”, to taste his famous roast pork or a meat recipe dating back to Julius Cesar times, which it will take place in the oldest wine cellar of Rome that contains 5000 bottles! (depends on seasonality) We’ll finish with the best gelato of Trastevere. We have chosen the gastronomic spots not only for the unique food and wine we are going to taste but also for their incredible stories linked to the history of the city and for their fascinating beauty. Enough drink and food for a full meal. English tour. Vegetarian option available. Lovely walk of 2 km, wear comfortable shoes! Great experience for solo, couples, families, groups or team building!
Passeio de caiaque no lago de Roma com historia e diversão
( Usamos a nossa minivan que nos levou pelas viagens de corrida para buscá-lo na estação de metrô Anagnina em Roma, fazemos isso porque a própria viagem ao lago nos une e nos faz entrar em uma atmosfera única de preparação para algo único. Atravessamos o túnel que atravessa a montanha e a vista do lago nos envolve com todas as suas emoções e cores. Na praia ensinaremos a você o movimento do remo e conforme você entrar e manobrar o caiaque, vestiremos o colete salva-vidas e partiremos imediatamente com seu caiaque simples ou duplo. Nossa missão é fazer você se apaixonar pela natureza que se mistura com a história da Roma antiga e dos Papas, e vamos deixar você refazer todos os pontos que nos surpreenderam. Alex e eu conhecemos o lago um pouco por vez, como fazemos com um noivado, mas vamos mergulhar você nele e mostrar toda a sua beleza de uma só vez, como em um raio. Veremos as estacas submersas, o porto romano da Vila de Domiciano, o trampolim do Papa e ficaremos calados na paz da natureza, e na primavera e no verão também nos banharemos em suas águas puras. Outras coisas a serem observadas Se vier no verão ou na primavera, traga protetor solar e água. Durante o verão até o início de outubro também mergulhamos no lago. Temos SINGLE Kayak e DOUBLE Kayak.
Museu do Vaticano e Capela Sistina sem filas (pequenos grupos)
Enjoy a small group of maximum 12-15 people with a guide dedicated to answering questions and enlightening everyone on the spectacular history behind this heritage site. The small group gives us the privilege of cutting the long lines and having a fast-tracked journey through the amazing museums, galleries and landmarks. This immensely catholic journey will be explained by our expert local guide where you will learn the history behind many places and things such as the beloved Sistine Chapel, the iconic Belvedere Courtyard, the antique galleries, and so much more. Take that perfect picture in front of the Pigna Statue in the Pinecone Courtyard, discover the series of galleries in Raphael’s Rooms. The Sistine Chapel will surely be a highlight of this tour, as it is extremely important and where the Pope goes to worship. On this journey, you will learn the secrets and legends that only a local would know and will get a special look into this historical site. We speak a high level of English and we are ready to answer any and all of your questions throughout the tour. Do you know where the special chimney used for the black and white smoke traditionally is? Your guide will tell you! Were Raphael and Michelangelo friends? Not exactly, let's discover it! Great experience for solo, couples, families, groups or team building events. Not possible to attend with wheelchair
Boat tour Polignano grotte tuffi aperitivo ed emozioni
Unisciti a me su uno dei percorsi marittimi tra i più belli della Puglia! Avrai dei ricordi indimenticabili! Scopriremo delle grotte marine uniche al mondo. Esploreremo la Grotta Palazzese noto per ospitare un ristorante tra rocce e mare! Vedrete l'Isola dell'Eremita, dove un uomo si è isolato per decenni! E grotte che accolgono il sole al loro interno! Scorgeremo inoltre la statua di Domenico Modugno e palazzi millenari costruiti sulle rocce a picco sul mare, tutt'oggi abitati! Tutto questo mentre, alternati tra una grotta e l'altra, scoprirete le storie e le legende da me raccontate lungo un percorso di circa 10 km. Prima del ritorno, non può mancare un tuffo nelle acque del mare più belle della Puglia e ci saluteremo con un brindisi e assaggiando i famosi taralli pugliesi!
Skip the Line-Colosseum Small Group, Roman Forum & Palatine
Discover the secrets of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum on this small-group experience of maximum 15 people. We are a mix of art historians & archeologists, we all are certified local guides that will take you through this historical journey making this a lifetime experience. We’ll skip the long entrance lines at each attraction. Heading into the Colosseum to walk in the footsteps of gladiators, emperors, and plebeians as tales of the brutal games ring in your ears, exploring the amphitheater’s first and second levels, we'll entertain you with tales of gruesome gladiator battles. Than, we'll walk through the ancient streets of the Roman Forum, where you can admire the remains of the Temple of Hadrian and learn more about life in ancient Rome. Ending we’ll strolling up the Palatine Hill to see where Rome’s wealthiest inhabitants once lived. It's a walking tour, we highly suggest to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. It can be very hot in summer period, we already offered the best starting time possible, it's hot even for please bring your hat or umbrella and a lot of water! ONLY for private groups, we offer the option to visit the Arena floor of the Colosseum which has to be Requested specifically Before the reservation to check prices and availability. Great experience for solo, couples, families, groups or team building events!
Breakfast with Vista secret Rooftop few steps from Pantheon
Vieni a scoprire il fantastico Rooftop del The Vista Rooms and Terrace! Vivrai una esperienza unica insieme ai tuoi amici sul nostro Rooftop, con vista sul Pantheon, nel cuore di Roma, menu servito da la nostra chef Laura. L'esperienza consiste nel degustare un menu a scelta tra: American Breakfast -Hot Beverage -Fresh Orange Juice -Pancakes or Waffles with fresh fruit -Scrambled or Fried Eggs (with bacon and bread) Continental Breakfast -Hot Beverage -Baked Pastry -Fresh Orange Juice -Yogurt Bowl -Muffin/Cake è possibile ordinare ulteriori piatti dal nostro menu alla carta. Vi chiediamo gentilmente di comunicare preventivamente eventuali intolleranze o allergie in modo da soddisfare le esigenze di tutti.
Here for a good time, not a long time
We will begin our night by meeting at the friendliest pub in the heart on Rome at 9.50pm!! There, we will have an hour long pizza buffet and open bar (your choice between long drinks, beer or wine), before playing some games to help everyone get to know one another! Once we’re all acquainted we’ll start heading to the second bar, where we can have a couple more drinks before heading to our last location to dance the night away!! My goal is for everyone to have the best time possible (within a safe environment), while discovering Rome’s nightlife, some historic monuments and creating new friendships with people from all over the world! What I’m more excited about, is the opportunity this gives us all to meet new people from different cultures, where we all have as a commons goal to have fun and make friends; all of which, while enjoying the beauty of the eternal city by night!!
Roma oculta e ossuários
With over 12 years guiding experience under my belt, I will take you off the beaten path and bring ancient Roman society to life, telling the stories behind the art and architecture. Showing you the masterpieces that you absolutely have to see before you leave Rome. We will visit the Capuchin Crypts. Six Crypts decorated with the Bones of almost 4000 monks. Altars and symbols of Christianity made from human remains . Learn the intricacies of religious burial rights as we try to grasp that universal question. Next we are off the to the Basilica of S. Clemente - a 12th century Basilica built on top of a 4th century Basilica, built on top of a 2nd century Temple of Mythros, On top of a 1st century Roman Apartment block. Starting with the 12th century Basilica we will learn about the amazing byzantine art and mosaics. Continuing down to the 4th century Basilica where you will discover the early formation of the Christian Church and admire the frescoes and symbols within. Moving down to a 2nd century Mithra temple and see a 1st century fountain that has been running for over 2000 years. Tickets not included please see notes Other things to note Tickets are not included they will be purchased on site San Clement Basilica 10 € (children under 16 free) Capuchin Crypt €10 Average travel cost €2 per person
Passeio privativo pelo Coliseu com guia escolhido a dedo
PRIVATE EXPERIENCES: Want to learn about Ancient Rome from the best guides in town? then this is the experience for you! We are currently shifting from group tours to private, tailor made, top quality experiences. Private tours can be arranged at your preferred time with the most suitable guide for your needs. Whether you are traveling with family, children or friends, we will find the best match for you to enjoy the best experience in Rome. This is an experience that can suit the first time visitor as well as the archaeologist or history buff, it can fit a group of friends or a family because it is designed on your needs!!! We love our city and we'll do our best to allow you to discover its very best. Follow in the footsteps of Roman emperors and fearless gladiators on a private exclusive skip-the-line tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Learn about the main monuments of Ancient Rome and more. Please make sure you have: comfortable shoes, water bottles and hats. There will be a lot of walking involved: steep stairs, cobble stones and a walk up a hill. TICKETS AND HEADSETS (if needed) ARE NOT INCLUDED. Price range € 22 - € 30 each adult ticket and € 4- € 8 for children tickets MAKE SURE YOU COMPLY WITH NATIONAL COVID19 RULES
One day in Pompeii & Amalfi
During this experience we will explore the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii! Meeting point is piazza della Repubblica, Rome, near Termini Station. We will meet at 7 am and leave to Amalfi with our car. In Pompeii you will have 2 hours to explore the Archaeological Park, the ruins of an ancient Roman town destroyed in 79 AD by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. For lunch we will go at a locat restaurant where you will be able to taste the local traditional dishes. Crossing the small cities on the coast we will arrive to Amalfi. Here you will be able to visit its small antique and unique shops take a lot of awesome pictures and buy souvenirs. We will help you with taking pictures, advices and will stop at the most beautiful spots. We also visit a limoncello factory where you will be able to taste their products. During summer season we spend around 2 hours on the beach in Amalfi where you can swim or just relax. Other things to note THE TICKETS FOR POMPEII (€15) and LUNCH PRICE IS NOT INCLUDED . You will have 2 hours time in Pompeii for to explore the archaeological area of Pompeii by yourself. We DON'T INCLUDE GUIDE IN POMPEII for ordinary group tours .
Nocturnal Rome
Partly Rome is special because of the way we’ve carried forward our traditions into our modern culture. Here you also have the best of both worlds, - a modern city that really celebrates the past. This experience embraces both the cultural and fun aspects of the eternal city's nightlife, yesterday's glorious past and today's contemporary customs. Several things make nocturnal Rome more charming and magical than day time Rome such as the beautiful characteristic lights that enhance its monuments and the less crowded attractions, however it is not simple to describe the true greatness and uniqueness of Rome at night, you just really need to experience it yourself. It is not a coincidence that most beautiful movies about Rome, as Roman Holidays, The Great Beauty and La Dolce Vita (The sweet life) were shot for the most part at night! Furthermore the eternal city has a vibrant unique vibrant nightlife especially in certain areas ,for example Trastevere, an exciting bohemian District. Also my goal as a local is to teach facts and stories about Rome's monuments and its grand history and explore and experience what we Romans call "La Dolce Vita", something memorable and unique about the Urbe . Therefore a bar crawl and social interaction , a real close up with the city's environment and customs, are included. Moreover a 10% discount will be applied on all drinks.
Oficina de massas e tiramisu
Enjoy our 1,30 /2 hours cooking class in the heart of Rome where you will learn how to make pasta from scratch and our famous Tiramisù from simple and fresh ingredients. You will discover the recipe and the secrets of this popular dishes and you will have the chance to ask questions our local chef expert in the Italian cuisine. Greet your chef at the established restaurant in the heart of Rome. Just wear your chef hat and your apron and you will be ready to work. First, you will start to make your own pasta from flour and eggs, the chef will show you which kind of pasta you can prepare with this recipe and you will choose your favourite one to cut. Once the pasta will be ready, you will proceed to the Tiramisù making using all ingredients and tools needed. When the lesson will be finished, just choose your topping sauce (carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, alfredo etc.) have a break and relax yourself with a good glass of wine and the restaurant will cook for you the fruit of your labour! Other things to note the Restaurant is in the center of Rome, Piazza Navona
Vinícola artesanal do século XVI
Step outside of Rome and sink into the slow, everyday rhythm of the locals. Your experience begins with a beautiful train ride to Frascati from Rome. Your driver will pick you up at the Frascati train station and drive you to one of the oldest family-run wineries in Frascati. Here the winemaker will show you around the 16th century artisanal winery and into the deep wine caves which date back to the times of Ancient Rome. You’ll taste three wonderful boutique wines paired with local bread. Sip your wine in a gorgeous setting with amazing views of Rome in the distance. Next you'll return to the centre of Frascati where you'll meet your local guide who will show you the sites and taste local products like slow-roasted pork and Frascati jug wine. Meet local artisans and shop owners who are eager to share their stories. Feel like a local while accompanied by your guide who lives in Frascati and knows everybody in town! Finally, you’ll choose your favourite wine from the winery to accompany your lunch in a charming Osteria in the centre of Frascati. Lunch begins with local cheeses, vegetables & salumi and is followed by fresh homemade pasta with seasonal sauces. After lunch you can return to Rome at your leisure as the train returns every hour. It’s a wonderful, relaxing day to get away from the buzz of the city and taste life as a local. *Dinner is a different menu than lunch.
Descubra o sabor e crie seu Spritz
At your arrive at "Magnebevo cocktail bar" you can join Flavia, Ilaria, Laura and Giulia that shows you the story of Spritz. How and where was born, the various recipes that exist and the description of the distillates that can be used. You will taste three different spritz accompanied by tapas. You can choose between these distillates for your spritz: Campari, Aperol, Cynar, Biancosarti, elderflowers, Select, Pimm's, Zucca. The tapas that will accompany the drinks will be inspired by Roman cuisine, are preparated by us! You will prepare the third spritz of tasting ! Enjoy! A journey through the history of the aperitif, born many years ago in northern Italy ... a moment of sharing and leisure that has very ancient traditions. We are very happy to welcome you and to spend two hours "aperitifing" with you! Other things to note the experience will be in the cocktail bar "Magnebevo", that open at 6 pm, so you can try the spritz like an italian costumer
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