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Best things to do in Faro District

“Precioso e interesante museo de la ciudad. ”
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“Castle of the 15th century with museum in the ancient capital of the Algarve. Silves was also an important city of the Muslim empire (8th century) before the Christian reconquest.”
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“Our museum, located in a monastery and with some very nice histories to share”
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“Learn about the history Silves and the history of the Algarve region: The Rio Arade was long an important route into the interior for the Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians, who wanted the copper and iron action in the southwest of the country. With the Moorish invasion from the 8th century, the town gained prominence due to its strategic hilltop, riverside site. From the mid-11th to the mid-13th centuries, Shelb (or Xelb), as it was then known, rivalled Lisbon in prosperity and influence: according to the 12th-century Arab geographer Idrisi, it had a population of 30, 000, a port and shipyards, and ‘attractive buildings and well-furnished bazaars’.”
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History Museum
“Museu com várias salas e várias exposições. Bastante interessante e histórico. ”
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“Un incontournable de Lagos”
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History Museum
“A small museum on the cliff of the Old Town, overlooking Praia de Peneco and Praia dos Pescadores, the museum contains a mix of archaeological exhibits found in the Algarve: Roman, Visigothic and Moorish.”
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“Visit the local costums!”
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Edifício acadêmico universitário
“Produtos frescos”
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Local Histórico
“Roman ruins. The Roman Villa of Milreu reveals a continued occupation from the first century until the eleventh century.”
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“Centro histórico de Loulé com o Castelo e várias lojas de artesanato local.”
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“This is one of the most important archaeological sites in the south of Portugal and in it may be reminiscences of a megalithic community, such as a necropolis whose tombs resorted to architectural situations such as dolmens and domes.”
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Tour Provider
“Discover fantastic sea caves and natural beaches in an amazing boat trip. You can also take the boat at Senhora da Rocha beach nearby with Captain Paulo Jorge Boat Trips.”
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Tourist Information Center
“Porque o conhecimento da cultura regional e a melhor forma de identificação de um povo.”
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