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Melhores parques em Tromsø

“Want to try a dip in the cold water? This is the place for you! ”
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“Tromsø Wilderness Center do guided trips such as dog sledding, reindeer sledding, whale safari (if correct season) and northern lights chasing. They also serve great local food. Beware, you probably need to book in advance, as it's quite popular. ”
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“We recommend a visit to Tromsø Botanic Garden. Obviously this is best on summer days.”
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“Bare dra å se. perfekt park for de som er litt aktiv men også bare for å nyte en dag ute.”
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“A fantastic experience! In the Garden you will find small and colourful arctic species along with plants from alpine and cold areas around the whole world. They are cultivated in crevices and among rocks and boulders brought in with their original natural cover of lichens and mosses. Free entrance”
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“Great excursion by foot, bike (summer) or skis. The lavvo (a traditional house with inside fireplace) is normally open. Refreshments served in season on Saturdays and Sundays. Toilet facilities.”
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“Small and beautiful park with the church”
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“Telegrafbukta is a beautiful place to visit all year around. In winter it's a spot where you might be able to catch the northern lights and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains around Tromsø. ”
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