Gastronomia em Portland

Trinque, saboreie e guarde na memória. É para cá que os anfitriões locais da Airbnb dizem que deve vir para ter uma ideia dos verdadeiros sabores da cidade.

O melhor do melhor


Pok Pok

$$· 3226 SE Division St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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World famous Thai street food joint. There are often long lines, but they recently changed their hours to be open from lunch to late. So come off hours. At 4 pm there is usually no wait, even on... ler mais

Not your typical Thai food. The famed Thai street spot that’s been drawing raves and crowds since 2005. But you can skip their line and get many of the same eats at sister Whiskey Soda Lounge, acro... ler mais

Amazing Thai food but not like your local Thai restaurant. The flavors are sharp, smells authentic, and the chicken wings are better than many found in SE Asia. If line is too long or you just wa... ler mais

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This famous ice cream parlor specializes in flavors you never would have thought of, like pear and blue cheese or balsamic vinegar ice cream. The line's out the door all summer long for a reason.

Arguably the best ice cream in Portland! Be prepared to sample all the flavors you are interested in. With monthly rotating flavors, you're sure to find something perfect for you! Skip the line if ... ler mais

High end ice cream...expect a longer wait and a bit pricier bill than other ice cream shops but worth the experience. If they have it, don't miss the Olive Oil ice cream. Try a flavor you'll never ... ler mais


Tasty n Sons

$$· 3808 N Williams Ave·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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A popular breakfast/brunch spot on the weekends. Go early before you’re hungry, put your name in and then grab a coffee at Ristretto, which is just a few doors down. I'm a sucker for their bambino ... ler mais

Such good brunch! A blurb from Eater 38 Portland: "John Gorham's insanely popular second spot reinvents Portland's favorite meal — brunch — taking it to new heights worth the inevitable wait. The s... ler mais

Best brunch spot in Portland, but lunch and dinner menus are great too. Small plates for sharing. Come early to avoid a line. Get coffee next door at Ristretto Roasters while waiting for your table.

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Great "Indian Street Food" served tapas style. Be sure to order the 'Bhel Puri'... it's a fantastic appetizer. Their curries are good, but if you can order your whole dinner off the street food m... ler mais

A fun and casual spot serving Indian street food inspired dishes. Order at the counter, bus your own table, soak up the Bollywood-esque atmosphere, and pretend that you somehow have lost your way a... ler mais

Tapas style / Street Food Indian restaurant. Very different fare from your average American Indian restaurant. The Pork Vindaloo is amazing, the fried cauliflower is like candy. The paneer kafti r... ler mais

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There's a line down the block for a reason. There's ice cream, and then there's salt and straw. They've got all the usual flavors, and then some creative ones, like pear+bleu cheese, lavender, and ... ler mais

Portland’s renowned small batch “farm to cone” ice cream shop with flavors such as “honey balsamic strawberry with cracked pepper”. Long lines and well worth it. Joe Biden had a cone here.

Another super popular, touristy, must not miss spot. If you wait in the really long line, you get the advantage of taste testing all of the unusual ice cream flavors (think strawberry balsamic). If... ler mais

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The best breakfast on Alberta St. Started as a small shed decades ago..expect long waits on weekends, but enjoy a cup-o-joe in the garden area while you wait. Great people watching spot.

Funky very Portland cafe best for breakfast but also open lunch and dinner. Great spot for dog owners. Covered patio allows dogs and they even have a mini menu for dogs! Gets packed for brunch.

Go to The Tin Shed for breakfast or brunch, but be prepared to wait a while unless you get there early! This place is super popular, but worth getting up early for.


Screen Door

$$· 2337 E Burnside St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Screen Door presents a celebration of Southern cuisine from the quintessential hearty fare to the everyday foods gathered fresh from the garden. Central to our concept is weaving the rich bounty of... ler mais

Screen Door presents a celebration of Southern cuisine from the quintessential hearty fare to the everyday foods gathered fresh from the garden. Central to our concept is weaving the rich bounty of... ler mais

Southern food, great drinks, and easy atmosphere. This place is extremely popular, so be prepared for a long wait if you don't get there as soon as the doors open. Another strategy is to go for a l... ler mais


¿Por Qué No?

$· 4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Excellent tacos, ceviche, margaritas, and a the feel of a small-town Mexico taqueria. There's usually a line out side, but it goes fast and the wait is worth it!

Best Mexican food in Portland and great outdoor seating. I bring all my visitors here. Five kinds of great homemade salsa, house-made chips, and margaritas with chile salt. There's always a lin... ler mais

Great Mexican place for tacos, chips/salsa, etc. Great open area front with back patio. If you like margaritas you'll find some of the best in Portland. Don't shy away from the Pomegranate Marga... ler mais


¿Por Qué No?

$· 3524 N Mississippi Ave·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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My favorite Mexican restaurant in Portland. Order a large margarita with chile salt. The tacos are out of this world. Homemade chips, salsa, and gauc! Worth the line & it goes fast. Go for happy ho... ler mais

Yes, it's totally gringo Mexican food, but it is soooo darn good. This is the only place in Portland that I am willing to stand in line for. They have happy hour but otherwise, if you get a bunch o... ler mais

A stone's throw from the house and possibly one of the best eateries on Mississippi. There is usually a line out the door, but it often moves fast. Definitely get chips, salsa, and guac. The margar... ler mais

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It's hard to not get a little nostalgic around soft serve. For many, a fluted cone brings back memories of summertime bike rides or warm nights at Dairy Queen with friends. And Wiz Bang Bar is hopi... ler mais

Salt & Straw is famous for its quirky and delicious ice cream, and its around the block wait. But there is a locals-only secret to beat the line. Just go to the front of the line and buy a quart ... ler mais

A highly-praised ice cream shop, born in Portland, now with additional locations in San Francisco and LA! They make their own waffle cones, and some of our favorite flavors are: Cinnamon Snickerdo... ler mais

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“For me, [my first trip to India] was less about food and more about culture — how it smelled when you ate that sandwich on that street corner and what that felt like, more so than whether [the foo... ler mais

Chez Panisse alum Troy MacLarty has a blockbuster on his hands with Bollywood Theater, his take on Indian street food. Both the original NE Alberta location and the new outpost on Division Street's... ler mais

Fabulous Food ! Definitely in my top 5 FAVORITE places to eat in Portland. Also check out the amazing Food Carts on 28th & SE Division (2 blocks down) Very nice walk from us through the neighborho... ler mais

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Biscuits to die for. Order the Reggie (biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bacon, sausage or mushroom gravy and melted cheese) if you dare. Long line but worth the wait.

The Reggie Deluxe: Fried Chicken, Bacon, Gravy, Cheese, Biscuit. Amazing! Not health food, but is that why you are here? Tip: Get a small side of extra gravy, you're gonna need it.

Southern breakfast food like the reggie deluxe: fried chicken biscuit with gravy, bacon, fried egg, cheddar!


Ava Gene's

$$$· 3377 SE Division St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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No opening in recent memory has created a fervor quite like Ava Gene's, the polished Italian restaurant by Stumptown's Duane Sorenson and NYC transplant Joshua McFadden (just ask Bon Appetit's Andr... ler mais

If you're looking to splurge, celebrate, and trust the experts - go to Ava Gene's and order the family style dinner, and then pace yourself. Seriously: meat/cheese board, salads, pasta, main, desse... ler mais

High end Italian food brought to you by the creators of Stumptown Coffee. Named the #5 best restaurant in America by Bon Appetite. Reservations are strongly suggested but you can often get a seat a... ler mais

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Anytime you see visitors at the airport stacked with boxes of doughnuts, you KNOW there's a reason to try it for yourself. Types of doughnuts you won't find anywhere else on this earth!

It's on the "what to see in Portland" list because of it's unusually flavored dougnuts. But if you are looking for a gourmet doughnut & great coffee you will find it at " Blue Star" Doughnuts or "P... ler mais

Everyone wants a Voodoo Doughnut as it is a Portland signature. Be prepared for a huge line all day rain or shine. In my opinion you should check out Blue Star Donuts. More delicious and without... ler mais


Bye and Bye

$· 1011 NE Alberta St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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The Bye and Bye is a bar with vegan southern food. Good for a drink with friends, or a casual dinner or lunch. Their brussels sprouts and BBQ brussel bowl are delicious.

Favorite drink; Bye and Bye $8 Peach vodka and peach bourbon, lemon, cranberry juice, and soda in a mason jar.

This is a Portland vegan institution. Portland's first "vegan bar" - the menu is mildly Southern influenced, with collards, black-eyed peas, and BBQ tofu some of the staples. Great microbrew select... ler mais


Pok Pok Noi

$$· 1469 NE Prescott St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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You could wait two hours for Pok Pok on Division Street, or don't wait at all at this smaller location with bar and seating. The menu is smaller but has all essentials like Ike's fish sauce wings.

Pok Pok serves food found at pubs, restaurants, homes and the streets of Southeast Asia with the majority of the food coming from Thailand. Get the half or whole bird with sticky rice, a tamarind w... ler mais

Warning: You will crave this long after you have left Portland. The thai iced tea, drinking soms, Pok Pok Special and Fishsauce wings are an important first step in any Pok Pok meal visit. The more... ler mais



$· 5202 N Albina Ave·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Our favorite breakfast spot and worth the wait! This cozy cafe offers southern inspired breakfast & lunch fare. Order the pie and listen to their vintage record collection.

Amazing breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The line can be long to get a table but it's worth it. The nicoise salad is amazing! Fresh greens from nearby farmers. Truly delicious! A few outdoor tables if ... ler mais

Sweedeedee pies are made with an all butter crust using Bob’s Red Mill flour. Each pie is baked in a pyrex glass dish for the best bake. The apples are from Susan Christopherson of Old World Apple ... ler mais


Podnah's BBQ

$$· 1625 NE Killingsworth St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Ranked as one of the best BBQ joints in the country and by far the best Texas-style BBQ that you can find outside of Texas

Such good BBQ! This place is great. They are lovely, family-style BBQ with great sides. They also do a surprisingly fantastic brunch!

GREAT smoked BBQ - Tuesdays gets you a rack of ribs for $20 and $1 off drafts.


Apizza Scholls

$$· 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Hands down our favorite Pizza in Portland! Neapolitan pies with a New Haven twist. Brian Spangler is a pizza crust Ninja! Prepare to wait in line and when they run out of dough they shut the doors.

Regularly ranked best pizza in Portland. Just around the corner. Usually there is a line, but you can always grab a beer and wait there, or put you name down and walk back to the apt. To go orders ... ler mais

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Doug Fir was the first place I visited when checking out Portland 8 years is still a favorite. They have a constant music line up from local musicians to indie. It's space has always fel... ler mais

Other than Mississippi Studios, in my mind Doug Fir is the place to catch current headliners in the indie music scene. It's a really cool space, architecturally. You can have dinner there before a ... ler mais

This is a mid-century motel refurbished in 2004 with updated and iconic NW architecture, outdoor areas, and a fantastic and intimate live music venue featuring concerts most nights of the week. Che... ler mais

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A French Bakery and restaurant. This is one of my favorite brunch spots, even while not eating gluten! Liquor licencse, coffee, and all matter of food and croissants

French-inspired delicacies of every savory and sweet sort. VERY good panoply of choices! Outside street dining available in the heart of Alberta Street to watch the Portland local and tourist vibe ... ler mais

Casey's favorite breakfast/brunch spot. The full menu is amazing at any time of day. Order a meal or just a huge pastry and a coffee. We got our wedding cake from here, a "Lemon Grafitti"--you can... ler mais


Toro Bravo

$$· 120 NE Russell St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Arriving at the end of America’s mid-aughts love affair with the tapa, Toro Bravo has outlasted its Spanish-inspired contemporaries by being bigger, brasher and just plain better. Don’t come here t... ler mais

At the heart of Portland's red-hot food scene is Toro Bravo, a Spanish-inspired restaurant whose small plates have attracted a fiercely loyal fan base. But to call Toro Bravo a Spanish restaurant d... ler mais

Okay this may just be the best food in Portland - the catch? Yes there is a wait and they don't take reservations. Small plates (tapas) perfect for sharing. Not too far from our house, but definite... ler mais



$· 1725 NE Alberta St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Upscale coffee house serving a rotating selection of some of the best roasts the world has to offer. Free wifi (like all coffee shops in Portland) and a clean, polished environment.

Amazing but expensive coffee. If you want to try artisanal brewed coffee then this is the place to go. Some of the best coffee in town.

Alberta Street probably has more amazing coffee houses than most Portland neighborhoods, and this is probably one of the best of the best, although it aint cheap. 5 blocks from your Eco-Cabin



$$$$· 5425 NE 30th Ave·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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If you're going to splurge on food, do it here. Be sure to book well ahead of time. James Beard Award winning Naomi Pomeroy sends out one amazing dish after another. Pre-fix only. No substitutions.

Six-course, prix-fixe, and service compris dinner in a communal dining setting twice each night Wednesday - Saturday and dinner service Sunday evening only. Three, three-course brunch services on S... ler mais

Reserve ahead of time: Make the date at all costs! I celebrated my thirtieth birthday at this authentic Portland iconic restaurant. And many a good memory all the years since. Some of the best mea... ler mais

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters on Division Street is the store that started a coffee revolution in Portland. They still roast many of their coffees here.

They also have a selection of cold brew coffees ( and my favorite chocolate cold coffee) . My new addiction is the Ellenos Greek yogurt you can grab in the open refrigerated case- lemon curd is si... ler mais

This is the first Stumptown Coffee Shop. The building is the original location where they used to roast the coffee. It is truly a Portland staple and a great place to see hipster in their natural h... ler mais


Extracto Coffee Roasters

$· 2921 NE Killingsworth St·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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Can't beat a coffee shop a block and a half away! Walk down the alley for a 'country road to your coffee shop' experience! These guys roast their own beans and make one of the best latte's in town!

This is an easy morning walk to the local cafe. Good espresso roasted in house, and a pastry case. A place many people sit at and work for hours. They sell the NYT.

Great place to read or get some work done. Sunny patio out front (when it's not raining, that is). Great people watching. Solid beverages.

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Eat at the top of Big Pink, one of Portland's tallest buildings. Fill your eyes with bridges and, on a clear day, Mt. Hood and Mount St. Helens. Lunch is surprisingly affordable. Try the crab cakes.

Best sky high restaurant view in town. On a clear day you can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens, and Mt. Adams. Tip: Skip the pricey restaurant and eat/drink in the bar instead (same great views!)

Located on the 30th Floor of "Big Pink" - the tallest building in the city, this place offers stunning views of the city. Even on a somewhat cloudy day, it's worth checking out, but on a clear day ... ler mais


Sapphire Hotel

$$· 5008 SE Hawthorne Blvd·Mapa·Horas·Site·

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In the early 1900’s, the Sapphire was inhabited by sailors, travelers and ladies of the night, lending it to be known as a shady hotel and brothel in southeast Portland. These days it's a sexy coc... ler mais

This is not a hotel! This is a must-go-to restaurant. A MUST as it is a treasure in our neighborhood and a very short walk from the lil house. The cocktails are fun and the vibe is so special. ... ler mais

This is a great date night spot. The Sapphire Hotel is a lounge, located in an old hotel that used to house "ladies of the night." Their cocktails are perfect and their food is delicious. Try the ... ler mais

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The first eco-friendly sustainable sushi restaurant in the country. It's on the expensive side, but the best sushi in Portland. Try the salmon flight, 5 different kinds of wild salmon sushi. Yum!

Bamboo Sushi is the first certified, sustainable sushi restaurant in the world, offering the best fish, meats, and produce. The Green Machine roll with albacore is my favorite!

There are a few Bamboo Sushi's around - maybe 4 - one is in NW Portland, too - if you are shopping in that area. We love it. Sustainable, nice atmosphere, and fantastic sushi. They also have the be... ler mais

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Brunch is good.. only on Saturday and Sunday. Delicious Steaks, Cheeses, Oysters, Trout. Eating with an ambience like he's got on suspenders over his red and black plaid flannel, dapper in handle ... ler mais

Awesome place to eat. You'll need a reservation though, and most likely some time in advance. The burger is the hottest item here, thus they've raised the price due to the demand. Not willing to... ler mais

The name is deceiving because this is a fairly upscale restaurant and one of my favorite places to grab a drink and a bite to eat. They close early at 10:00 pm. Oyster happy hour each night offer... ler mais