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Portland's Mt Tabor, a volcanic cinder cone, was named by Plympton Kelly, son of Oregon City pioneer resident Clinton Kelly, after Mt Tabor in Israel, six miles east of Nazareth. In 1894, the city ... ler mais

Less than 2 miles from The Urban Owl is your best view of downtown and is an actual extinct volcano in the middle of a city. Enjoy watching sunset with all the neighbors. Some nice easy and short... ler mais

Great inner city hiking trails. Gorgeous views of the city and of Mt. Hood. Lovely playground too. Very close to us, about a mile.

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The Pearl not that long ago was all industrial, much of it vacant, and nowhere to be at night. Today it is one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live. You can spend days just looking at all t... ler mais

This Northwest neighborhood used to be the warehouse district. It always had a brewery, Weinhard's, but when that closed other beers moved in the neighborhood. Luckily the old brewery building didn... ler mais

The Pearl District is hip, trendy, and fun. It is close to everything from the World's biggest book store (Powell's) to the Portland Art Museum, concert halls, and more great restaurants and craft ... ler mais

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The views of the gothic styled St Johns Bridge are magnificent from the park underneath, which sits on the bank of the Willamette River. Located just 1.8 miles from our home, it's a nice place to ... ler mais

The designer of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge also designed Portland's St. John's Bridge, which he is said to have preferred. From below, the footings for this large bridge look like the inter... ler mais

Located underneath the beautiful St. Johns Bridge, Cathedral Park is the best place to crash a wedding or a kids birthday party. You can also head down to the small riverside dock and watch the boa... ler mais

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This is a little roadside village, high on a hill with unusual shops & restaurants, a few genuinely dingy bars, an arts center and one of the best independent book stores in the city.

Fun, funky, little unexpected "village" tucked into a quiet neighborhood. Great place for coffee/breakfast, shopping, and dinner, drinks at night. This is where the locals go!

Here's what the neighborhood has to say about it: "Multnomah is a charming area with a small-town community feel. This quaint area is located in Southwest Portland, but is still a fairly easy commu... ler mais

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Take a walk through historic Ladd's Addition. Beautiful tree lined residential neighborhood with a lovely rose garden in the center. Just a short walk from here.

There are 4 beautiful rose gardens in Ladd's Addition and one rhododendron garden in the middle. Enjoy smelling the roses and getting lost in the labyrinth of Ladd's Addition on the way back!

Be sure to check out the Rose Gardens in Ladd's Addition. Four rose gardens (North, South, East and West) flank the Rhododendron garden in the center of our historic neighborhood.

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Downtown Portland features Nordstrom, Macy's, and Pioneer Place, which is a galleria of upscale chain stores and local boutiques. You can also see movies downtown, catch a theater performance at th... ler mais

This fun downtown has cool local shops, Nordstroms department store, a mall, great and varied places to eat. Just fun to walk around. About a half hour drive. Will have to pay for parking. Public t... ler mais

Lots to do Downtown Portland, From restaurants, bars, Pioneer Square, Waterfront, Portland Street Car, Bicycling, Architecture, Walking tours. Can reach downtown on the Max Train.

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Nice neighborhood, lots of restaurants - glad to give a list of recommendations.

Cute shops for gifts, Columbia Sportswear Outlet, Antique Stores, Saburo's Sushi House Restaurant, Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters, and New Seasons Market.

Lots of varieties regarding restaurants with ambiance (I know because I proposed to my husband in one!). There are antique shops, gaming stores, food carts, an art/stationary shop, yoga, a tea shop... ler mais

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Very complete mall, it has everything you could possibly need at it's only a few minutes from the house!

Large mall with food court and movie theatre .

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Tennis courts, basketball courts, an outdoor pool, playground and quarter mile track... all just across the street.

Tennis courts - open all year. Running track - open all year. Pool - open during the summer for a fee.

Neighborhood park connected to Grant High School with playground, walking trails, off-leash dog area, tennis courts, a pool, turf field and track, and movies/concerts in the summer.

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It's historic architecture gives you a glimpse of what Portland looked like during the early days. There you will find: The Classical Chinese Garden, Portland's Saturday Market (also on Sunday), th... ler mais

Old Town Chinatown is definitely seedy, but if you can get past that, you'll get a glimpse of how Portland looked in the early 1900's. Saturday Market is also in this part of town and you can find... ler mais

Lots of great fun places to drink, including gay bars, a karaoke bar, and great Chinese food, all within a couple of blocks of each other!

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Our beloved dormant volcano: hiking, biking, tennis, gardening, dog parks, water reservoirs and some of the best views of the city can be found here!

Great hiking and sight seeing!

Our own backyard dormant volcano! Mt. Tabor park is quite large and easy to get lost in. Several points of entry/exits, short walking trails, bike paths, playground, caldera amphitheater, picnic ta... ler mais

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Ne Alberta Arts District: Stores, restaurants, sewing, shopping, art, festivals, theatre, and more. A great stroll to take in all that's Portland.

Alberta Arts District is home to lots of restaurants, a Sunday Farmers Market at King Elementary School, Wine shops, Alberta Street Coop, clothing stores, art stores and galleries

Alberta Street has many wonderful stores and restaurants, coffee shops, gluten-free and vegan bakeries, some great Mexican food and lots of unique Portland personalities.

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Many Resteraunts to choose just 1 mile away.

Hillsdale is a small shopping center with a Natural Foods grocery store, upscale women's clothing, a fabulous bakery (Baker and Spice) and a Food Cart park.

Laundromat, Gigi's Waffle house. Oak and Olive Restaurant, Paloma Women's Clothing, Mexican Restaurant, Library, pubs, US Bank, Food Carts near Wilson High School, Farmers Market on Sundays, Pizza,... ler mais

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Check out where the original "Twilight" was filmed, along with many other movies. Peruse Antique shops and have a picnic in Waterfront park.

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$2.50 for one way or $5 for an all-day pass.

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Who doesn't like a merry-go-round or a swing once in a while? Also there are tennis courts!

Great for a walk and the playground is perfect for kiddos.

Beautiful rose garden, right next to the Japanese garden.

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There are paths that loop through an old forest with a stream that tumbles down big boulders and under an arched stone bridge. Seems like its 10 degrees cooler here in the summer.

This neighborhood forest park is a beautiful little gem and one of my favorite places. It features a lovely bridge over a creek and many meandering hiking trails.

Great wild nature park with small playground and lots of trails for kids

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A congregation of 21 of the former homes of U.S. military officers stationed at the Vancouver Barracks in Vancouver

Stroll along this tree lined avenue on your way to the library and downtown Vancouver. Lined with historic Officer's Residences it also inlcudes a restaurant.

Restored Victorian homes on a shady street. Great for a walk! Have lunch at the Grant House.

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Good Antique and Collectible shopping~ Restaurants - SE 13th to SE Milwaukie

Lots of shops and restaurants along 13th and 17th Avenues

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The original NoPo shopping district. Great vintage feel to the eateries and shopping.

This funky and up-and-coming town is at the base of our hill and across the beautiful St Johns bridge (designed by the architect who built the Golden Gate bridge). Restaurants, coffee and antiques

St. Johns has a historic downtown area, which is growing and evolving on what seems like a daily basis. Businesses that have been around for 75 years, like The Man Shop mix with new ones, like ours... ler mais

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Some great wine bars (Frank's Wine & Flowers, Muselet bar and restaurant), restaurants.

All the major festivals are held in this park. Has a view of the East side and Willamette River. And Mount Hood on a clear day.

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The park is a five minute walk from the framstead and has a swimming pool

Closest park to my house, good for a picnic or if you need a good place to run/workout

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Tons of cute shops and eateries

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A great neighborhood … bars, breakfast, pastry shop, library, vintage shopping and more.

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Lots of cute stores and great restaurants.

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Downtown Westmoreland is a cute and quaint part of town full of restaurants, mom and pop shops, and bars. It's easy to walk to and there's parking in the area. A 24 hour QFC grocery store is there ... ler mais